Camille Yvert

Camille Yvert (b. 1988, Paris, France) lives and works in London. Her practice involves the use of sculpture and publishing to explore the alienation and transformation of the body in a pervasively transient architecture. In 2018, she received an MFA in sculpture from the Royal College of Art.  She has held exhibitions at One Room Gallery, London; Seventeen Gallery, London; Weserhalle, Berlin; Desfour Palace, Prague and Bredgade Kunsthandel, Copenhagen. She is currently the artist-in-residency at the Gibberd Gallery, Essex and has been selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019, to travel from Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds to South London Gallery, London.

“Objects and installations of Camille Yvert are the perfect illustration of our present: they are concealing their origins in human activity, and they look more like programmed surpluses of a futuristic design studio. The slogans we find on them ironically comment on the process of automation and alienation. The perfection, looking for its own function, thus examines the new possibilities of the contemporary sculpture, which in the era of 3D simulation begins to understand finality and perfection in a completely new way.”

—Pavel Vancat, Start Point Prize project curator