Flavio Mancini

Flavio Mancini (b. 1993, Rome, Italy) is a graphic designer based in London. His practice lies between experimental art and design. He’s interested in creative coding, projection, performances; anything that can intervene in the real world and alter its dynamics. Being very passionate about music, Mancini aspires to implement his practice in the music industry, to re-contextualise live performances, empower artists and find more space for audio-visual experimentation.

This interactive piece provides a flexible audiovisual experience where individual agency in a physical space is collected and translated live.

Programmed for one person, it allows visitors to manage a variety of effects according to hand and body position, uniquely possible within the limits of the installation itself. This agency empowerment, as a result, blurs the lines between what can be considered graphic communication design and performance art. A reactive visual responds to the actions performed.

Though Mancini will be using the space and its technology to perform, the installation invites the audience to take a central role in shaping and manipulating form. Please feel free to interact with this installation by placing yourself in the delimited space and generating live responses through movement.

Sunday 10 November, 3–6pm
Interactive audio-visual performance by Flavio Mancini