Kathryn Graham

Kathryn Graham (b. 1995, Armagh, Northern Ireland) is a London-based artist. Graham’s work plays with the boundaries of personal and public space, particularly the urban and domestic. Informed by her upbringing in post-conflict Northern Ireland, her works manifest an intimate understanding of her surroundings, in affinity to childhood memory and national identity. Graham’s cathartic means of working displays a time that once was, or never has been. The work plays with reinterpreting memory — her own and/or based on tales and dreams, asking what is real and what is not, while constructing a narrative through 2D and 3D objects, prints and installation. The resulting work exposes a plethora of thought and emotion around identity, division and displacement.

Graham explores the simplicity of shape and symbols to impart metaphor and narrative. She combines print and DIY sculpture to confront personal and private experience of urban spaces, movement of time and the past. Produced to both expansive and intimate scales, the work combines to create an environment, a protest and territorialism of space, playing on the privatised and segregated. There is a subtle confrontation that shows as much of an internal conflict as an external conflict. Concepts of austerity, conflict and identity within the 'home' relate beyond her own experience and to a wider social and cultural context. Graham’s work is a response, using her own experience as a means to retell, to break down barriers and indicate changing attitudes for hope.