Kwan Q Li

Kwan Queenie Li (b. 1991, Hong Kong) currently practices as a Hong Kong-based multi-disciplinary artist and writer. Her research-based practice explores post-colonial intricacies and ideological alternatives within the neoliberal context. Amongst a myriad of other exhibitions, Queenie has recently delivered performance lectures at various institutions including the University of Cambridge and the University of Hong Kong. In 2019, her collaborative writing will be featured in the publication of UABB, Shenzhen. Queenie holds a Fine Art degree from the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford and a B.B.A. in Global Business Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Station Metric knots the Former Rotherhithe Police Station with its colonial antecedent, Taikwun in Hong Kong – also a former police station that has been transformed into an art space. Both places are seen as a nomenclature of many, if not complicit, values oscillated within a negotiated space of capital and lifestyle, violence and power, all abstracted through strategies of plain, minimalistic and calculated aesthetics. The installation of wall visuals on real walls intends to insinuate the spectacular fabrication beneath the visual spell of gentrification. While seen from the inside and out along boundaries, the weeds, as the artist’s ongoing visual anchor, particularly raise questions of resistance and co-existence within the muddy ground of urbanisation and decolonisation.