Muyao Li

Muyao Li (b. 1995, Kunming, China) has always been fascinated by objects/products around him and how they were made. Naturally he was drawn to design, and the interest was further developed when he opted to take his BEng Degree in Industrial Design in University of Liverpool.

After completing his degree, Muyao delved more into the design of products with more ‘artistic’ qualities. He then continued pursuing further studies and obtained an MA Degree in Central Saint Martins, where he focused on object typologies, semantics and semiotics and their application in product design.

As an Industrial Designer, Muyao has always been reimagining mundane everyday objects, physicalized as narrative consumer products that introspectively articulate the rationales of their own function. By playing with typologies, semantics and semiotics, he injects poetry into products which are granted multiple layers of value dimensions, separating them from tiresome aesthetic statement and cliché.